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Sudden Death
February 03, 2019 I Have Some Notes

Once upon a time, movie studios saw Jean-Claude Van Damme as an action star they could build a big budget action blockbuster around. Studios would say, "Hey, let's rent out the Pittsburg Penguins' arena and drop a helicopter onto a hockey rink…and Van Damme will be there!"

Now, in 1995, you might be forgiven for thinking Die Hard + Van Damme + Luc Robitaille = boxing office gold, but today they take away your producer hat and give it to someone who wants to make Batman…again. However, we at I Have Some Notes believe we've come up with some script tweaks that would get Van Damme's arena romp a green light, even today!

This episode's guest is the glorious leader of the Church of Moving Picture himself, Robin Taylor. Check out his video series, Cinematological! But do that after listening to us.

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